How to change spouse last name in India ? (4 steps) – Answered

In India, changing the last name of your spouse is a straightforward process. Changing of surnames is a common thing among newly married women in India. After marriage, they take the surname of their husbands for various purposes like tracking inheritance of real property. You need to involve certain government bodies to ensure that the change is recorded and new legal documents are issued for your spouse. The process does not take time or much effort if done correctly.


Step 1

The first thing that you need to do is to obtain the required documents that will be required to change your spouse’s last name. These include copies of your marriage certificate, name-changing form and legal identity documents of your spouse. The marriage certificate copies need to be enough since you will need to attach them to most of the documents you will submit. The process of obtaining your marriage certificate may be different in every state in India. It is therefore important to get it from your respective marriage officer. This will make the process easier. You can also visit government offices that deal with name changing to enquire the documents needed to change your spouse’s name.

Step 3

Once you have completed filling in the name-changing form, attach the other documents to the form. You can then mail the documents to the relevant authorities using the address on the form. Make sure you send all the requirements that are needed in changing your name. You should also know the fee required to change your name. This should be mailed together with the documents in money orders or certified checks. However, it is important to know how payment is to be done so that your petition to change your spouse’s last name is not rejected. Once the process is through, you will receive the new documents that have the new name you requested through mail or by visiting the offices of the relevant government bodies.

Step 3

Once your new last name has been approved, you need to inform the relevant bodies that have your old name. Such offices include tax offices, banking institutions and many more. You will need a copy of your marriage certificate and the approved petition in order to change your name. If you have a passport, you will also need to change your surname so that it can match with the new name that has been approved.

Step 4

It is also important to take a copy of your marriage certificate to your state government gazette. You will be required to pay a small fee so that they can advertise your name change. This will be appropriate in notifying relevant bodies of the change. It will also avoid legal issues when it comes to pending law cases and debts. It will also help you clear things at a faster rate when changing bank accounts, driver’s license and many more things. The state gazette issues you with multiple copies that you can use to change the relevant documents. Make sure you change your name after marriage but before making any travelling arrangements especially if you are flying out of India.

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