How to change your wife’s name on her Passport and Visa in India? – Answered

After marriage, if you like, you may change the surname of your wife. This therefore leads to change her name on the passport. Changing your wife’s name on her passport and visa is a process that needs to be done in an appropriate manner so that it can be successful. The necessary documents must be filled out in the correct manner and sent to the relevant bodies for changing the name of your spouse.


Step 1

The first thing that you need to do is to obtain and fill out the forms that acts as petitions for name changing. The forms may be found on the website of Indian embassies or the embassies themselves if you are living abroad. If you are in India, you can visit the ministry offices that deal with external affairs and visa. They are usually found in all the states in India. The form can be filled online and then printed. However, make sure you fill in the right form since they differ in terms of time in which the current passport and visa were issued. Remember to fill in all the details of your wife including the new name and if you are not sure of something, contact the embassy or offices and enquire. This is important since wrong or missing information will cause the process to be rejected or delayed. Make sure that your wife signs the form and date it.

Step 2

The next step is to obtain passport photos of your wife. The photos will be used for the new passport. The photos must be colored and of high quality. The size should be two by two inches. The background should be white with the person facing forward. The facial expression should be neutral. The best thing is to go to a photo studio that understands the strict rules of passport photos.

Step 3

The next step is to mail the documents to the address on the name changing forms. Remember to attach all the documents, including your marriage certificate, together when sending the forms required. You should enquire on the method of payment. This is important since you need to send the payment in the mail. You can use money orders or certified checks. You should make sure that the method of payment you use is acceptable. The fee is for the processing and mailing of the new passport and visa for your wife. You should use certified mail or tracking number to ensure that your package arrives.

Step 4

Once your package arrives, you need to track the process online or visit the embassy to inquire the period it will take for the process to be completed. Usually it takes five to seven business days for the passport and visa to be processed. Once you receive your wife’s new passport, check if there is any mistake or damage. If there is any mistake, contact the embassy or government offices so that the problem can be rectified. Remember that the process of changing your wife’s passport and visa name should be done before any travelling plans.

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    In my passport my divorces wife name she is US citizen but I have no divorce paper how to delete her name

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