How to Change Your Name on U.K. Passport?- Answered

The processes for updating and changing your name on a passport is surprisingly time consuming. It is however, the most significant piece of documentation that requires to be updated, even if you are not planning any travels.

The first step is to contact the Identity and Passport Service (IPS) and complete the application form. This needs to be completed even for a simple name change. You can request an application via:

  • Visiting your local Post Office (providing they offer Check and Send Services) and collecting a paper form.
  • Contact IPS Passport Advice line (0300 222 0000) and an application will be issued in the post to your home address.
  • Download and post the application from the internet or complete the form online (Directgov website) directly. This can be processed quickly and no risk of losing a document via the post.

Please be aware before applying it carries a minimum cost of £77.50 to receive a new passport. This charge extends significantly (£112.50) if it is required in the express time frame. A child passport costs £49 for standard service and £96.50 for the one-week fast track service.

On completion of the form, unlike new applications, only you are required to sign the appropriate section and return. The only variation on this signature process is if there has been a significant appearance change in the applicant. It is essential that the form is signed in the new name – even if you are waiting to be married.

The form details the additional information that requires to be issued and copies are not acceptable (laminated items will be accepted). You will need to send:

  • Current or most recent Passport
  • Two modern and identical photographs (providing appearance has not changed significantly)
  • Where appropriate Deed Poll documents or Marriage Certificate

What is Deed Poll?

Deed Poll is a legal document that provides proof that an individual has changed their name. It is acceptable to all relevant bodies as proof of a name change. The name on your Passport should always match your legal name.

On completion of the application form (signed) and accompanied by the correct additional items it should be sent to the IPS. If you have completed the online form then it should automatically be sent and a confirmation email received. Follow any additional instructions.

If you currently live overseas and require to change the name on you Passport, it is recommended that you contact your British Mission or Embassy.

Please also note that parents can no longer include their children on their passports and should provide an application form separately. These should be signed and dated by parent or guardian.

The running time of an adult Passport is 10 years and 5 for children. If you have any problems with your application contact the IPS directly for an update.

So there you have it, now all that is required is to sit back and wait for your passport to arrive – hopefully without the standard horrific picture and airport delays!


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