How to change your name in passport after marriage in India? (Step-by-Step Guide)

Follow the below given instructions to change your name in passport after marriage in India:

In India, it is very often seen that name changes happen especially with women, after marriages take place. In case of marriages, re-marriages or divorce, one needs to update their names in the passport accordingly.

Since Passport is a significant document, the updations need also to be done from time to time, as per the present scenario.

In order to change names, one just has to follow a few steps and the name change could be done without much trouble.

1. The first step to be followed in need of name change after marriage for a woman is to get hold of the miscellaneous application form (Form No. II) which could be either obtained from the Passport office for nominal fee or could be downloaded from the website. The form could be filled online itself, in case you are downloading the form, in the option of service desired, one needs to mention it is a re-application of passport for name change.

2. Along with the form, one needs to submit supporting documents which would include copy of husband’s passport (if any), an attested copy of marriage certificate, issued by the concerned authorities along with supporting documents like a marriage card or photo. In case of remarried applicants, either a divorce deed or documents related to second marriage are a must.

3. Once the documents are collected, then an appointment should be fixed with the passport application center. Visit the passport center on time and make the submission, along with the prescribed fee, which many change from time to time. The payment could be made either in cash or as cheque. Make the submission either personally or through qualified agents, who have expertise in presenting the same.

4. Once the application is being submitted, it may take about three weeks time for it to reach your address provided. In case of just name change alone, a re-application is preferred, but in case you have many more details to be changed, then applying for a new passport is the best option, as it takes the same time and lesser in effort.

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  1. Mohamed Rizwan July 20, 2016 at 10:15 am #

    It has been nearly 2 years for my marriage. I want to change my wife’s Name completely. Is it possible, not just 1st name or last name or middle. I want to change complete Name. If yes please advise. Thank you.

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