How to change your name on your PAN Card in India? (8 easy steps)

In India PAN card is regarded as your ultimate identity. In all government and private establishments you need to show your PAN card. There are many people who want to change their names in their PAN cards and they face a lot of problems primarily due to the fact that they are not fully aware of the procedure of changing their name. I believe after going through this article they will be thorough with the entire process. To make the things easy for you let us discuss them point by point.

Before you actually start, decide whether you want to change your identity completely as you are going to change it in your PAN card! Yes? Okay so here are what you have to do:


1) Be prepared to go through some rigorous legal processes. After all you definitely don’t want to start with your new identity with illegal papers. Contact your local government agency who looks after this issue. Provide them a valid reason for your name change. There are a lot of government agencies in a city who will help you with the whole process. It is advisable to give the references of at least two people whom you know very well and they have good moral character.

2) Now you choose a name which you want to use in future. You can change your first name, last name or both. Try to stay as far as possible from your friends, relatives and all those whom you don’t want to keep contact with.

3) After choosing a new name you have to be prepared with the legal documentation. First of all you change your social security number so that in future you don’t face any legal problem. The legal department will verify and cross check each and every details of your new identity.

4) Contact your local lawyer or anyone from legal department who mobilizes this issue. Make an affidavit wherein you will state that you want to change your name. Remember without a valid reason the court will not give the permission to change your name.

5) Save the affidavit and make a couple of copies of it.

6) The next step will be to publish your name changing statement in the local newspaper. You will get the format in any local newspaper office.

7) Now you have to go through verification process. Fill up form called ‘ Deed Changing Surname Form’ and send it to the Secretary of Department of Commerce and Transport along with a letter requesting to allow you to change your name and 2 copies of the newspaper statements of your name change. You are almost done with the legal process. Just wait for the reply from the secretary.

8) Finally you will carry all the documents to the department which looks after PAN card issuing or any agency who deals with issuing PAN card. For those who don’t know where the office of PAN section is can visit the website- and make necessary changes in ‘ changes and correction’ section. Fill the online form and submit it. After it is verified and processed a new PAN will be issued to you.

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  1. Sarij saxena June 8, 2017 at 12:41 pm #

    I want to change our name . My qualification is m.a b.ed but our name is not like me &other person so please help me.

  2. Bishnu Bahadur Roka July 16, 2017 at 10:51 pm #

    I want to add my middle name in my PAN card n my name is Bishnu Bahadur Roka instead of Bishnu Roka plz I request you to add my middle name

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