How to Change Your Name after Marriage in the U.K? – Answered

Saying ‘I Do’ is the most traditional and common reason for name changes across the UK.

The good news, if you decide to change your name to that of your husband is that there is no requirement for a Deed Poll (legal document for name changes across the UK). All that is required is to provide your marriage certificate accompanied with a covering letter explaining the desire to use your husband’s name.

If you need assistance on drafting an appropriate covering letter simply perform a search on the internet and numerous free templates can be found.

The provision of the marriage certificate is acceptable to all government agencies and organisations (including the Passport Office). It is worth noting that selected authorities will require to be sent the actual Marriage Certificate (for example the DVLA). It is a good idea to attain a number of Marriage Certificates. This can be done via the Marriage Registration Team relevant to your council area if your ceremony was performed by a Registrar. There is usually a charge for additional copies but it provides peace of mind that the original version will not go missing.

There are a number of other circumstances that require differing action following a marriage:

Women using their maiden name as a middle name

A Marriage Certificate is not appropriate proof for this action. Therefore, a Deed Poll most be requested and this will provide the relevant legal proof

‘Meshing’ of Surnames

This is relatively new concept that married couples consider where both surnames are merged to form one. Again, this requires a Deed Poll for this to become official

Husband taking Wife surname

Although uncommon this also means the husband must request a Deed Poll in order to official change his name. A Wedding Certificate is not regarding as an acceptable method of proof.

What is Deed Poll?

Deed Poll is a document that provides proof that an individual has changed their name. It is acceptable to all relevant bodies as proof of a name change. The name on your Passport should always match your legal name. A Deed Poll is a form of Legal contract but only relates to one person (differing from the traditional contracts that require two). It is legally accepted by all organisations, companies and bodies within the UK and British Embassies across the world.

Who do I need to notify of a name change?

As with a change of address, there are a number of important bodies you legally must contact when you change your name. These include:

  • Passport – this is the only item that will result in charge
  • Driving Licence
  • Bank Accounts (including Credit Cards)
  • Medical Records
  • Council Tax
  • Employer
  • Mortgage Provider
  • Utility Provider

The list is almost inexhaustible so it is recommended to create a personal check list in order to inform all parties.

All that remains to wish newlyweds all the best and enjoy your life together no matter which branding of name is chosen!

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