3 easy steps to change your last name

There are several reasons that may lead people to change their last names. These reasons may be based on one’s marital status change, legal issues, divorce, broken family ties and many more. Changing your last name is a legal issue and needs to be done correctly to avoid future problems. Your name is very important when it comes to identification and it is used in many legal documents. Changing it should therefore be done in an appropriate, legal and smooth manner.


First Step

The first thing you need to do is to visit your local government offices to get the relevant name changing forms and the steps involved in changing your name. If you do not know the location, you can look for the address on the Internet. You will be directed to the relevant local court that deals with name changing petitions. Enquire on the requirements that are needed for the process to be successful. This is because the process involves a lot of paperwork. If the paperwork is not filled in the right manner, you request to change your last name may be rejected. You should therefore ask everything that you are not sure about in the government offices that issue the forms.

Second Step

The second step is to fill in the forms and petitions. Keep the reasons for changing your last name as simple as possible. This is because making them complicated may lead you to be summoned to the court to defend your reasons. Most petitions are granted. Make sure that as you fill the forms, no other relevant parties will disagree with the information you are putting in the forms and petitions. The information should be accurate and true. This is because the court does a background check using the information you provide in the forms. Any irregularity in the information provided will lead to a rejection of the petition.

Third Step

Once a judge grants you the permission to change your last name, make copies of the court order. You should then ensure that you seek name-changing forms for all your creditors, relevant businesses, government offices, taxpayer offices and any other relevant bodies that use your previous last name. This is because they do not recognize your name change unless you send the name-changing forms together with a copy of the court order for them. Make sure that you get a confirmation that they have changed your last name in their records and recognize it.

Change all the relevant documents that you possess. These include your driving license, social security card, birth certificate and any other document that contains your previous last name. This should be done as soon as possible to avoid any mix up or legal issues. Some court orders may demand that you advertise the name change in local newspapers especially if you have legal pending legal issues. Do not hesitate to do this since to avoid breaking the law. Ensure that you change your name at your place of work. This should be done in the human resource office so that records may be changed. Your bank institutions should also receive name changing forms and a copy of the court order.

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