How to change the name of your girlfriend? – Answered

Sometime back I was chatting with my friend when suddenly he said that his girlfriend wants to change her name officially. He and his girlfriend had no clue regarding the issues related in changing ones name. I was fortunate enough to have experienced the formalities and other aspects involved in the name changing process. In this article I will share the same with you. Changing the name of your girlfriend is same as changing your own.

First of all be certain about the reason as to why your girlfriend wants to change her name. Normally a woman change her name after marriage or for the fact that she wants to get rid of her old name as perhaps it is too difficult to pronounce or may be numerologist has advised her to make a change in her name.

In case of changing her name after marriage

1. Collect all the necessary papers like marriage registration certificate (if you are already married) and birth certificate. You should also collect a photo identity proof such as your passport or driver’s license.

2. You can tell her to submit all the documents by going to the social security administration office personally or she can mail her documents to the local office. Make sure that all the original documents are mailed back to her.

3. Within 10 to 12 days a new social security card will be issued and mailed.

4. Now she must change her name in other credentials as well like her Voter ID, bank accounts, car registration, post office etc.

In case of changing her name for other reasons

1. At first tell her to choose her new name. She can change her first name, middle name, last name or her entire name. It is better to practice signing with the new name so that it becomes easier for her in future.

2. The standard rule is to make a petition or affidavit through a local lawyer stating a proper reason for changing the name. If she is a divorcee tell her to consult a divorce lawyer.

3. Tell her to keep the original copy of affidavit very carefully and get it attested by any government authorized officer or court clerk. It is good to make a few photocopies of the affidavit.

4. A petition has to be filed with the local court clerk. They will give her a date on which she must attend the court for hearing.

5. If the judge approves her request of name change he/she will give her a court order. She must make a photocopy the court order.

6. Now she must go to the social security administration with the court order and they will issue her a new social security card. Tell her to change herb name in all other documents also like Voter ID, driver’s license, bank accounts etc.

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