How to Change Your Name on Driving License in UK? – Answered

When you change your name it is essential that you notify the DVLA (Driver vehicle and Licensing Agency) as soon as possible. This will mean all correspondence will be issued under your correct name.

To proceed with the name change, you will need to send off your current driving license (card and paper parts) to the DVLA to update. A new license will then be issued free of charge (as long as the photograph is not due for renewal).

Before sending off the license, you will need to complete the D1 application form from the DVLA website. A hard copy of this form is also available at Post Offices across the country.

A piece of original identification confirming your change is also required. This could be a Marriage Certificate or a Deed Poll. All documents should be sent to:

DVLA Swansea, SA99 1BN

Providing all information is correct as requested, the new licence should be expected within 3 weeks. It is recommendable to contact the DVLA of any changes even if your licence is currently suspended.

For vehicle owners, a name update will also need to be passed onto the paperwork of the vehicle to show you are the registered owner – under your new identity.

If you require a Deed Poll as proof of the name change, this must be requested from a relevant source. Deed Poll is a document that provides proof that an individual has changed their name. It is acceptable to all relevant bodies as proof of a name change. It is legally accepted by all organisations, companies and bodies within the UK and British Embassies across the world.

There are now literally hundreds of websites and organisations offering to supply Deed Poll documentation. In order to attain a Deed Poll, you may be asked to prove that you do not intend to commit a crime such as fraud by changing your child.

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