How to Change Name on Driving License in India? (Step-by-Step Guide)

Follow the below given instructions to change the name and other details on your driving licence in India:

1. Driving License is one among the other important identification documents in India, along with Passport, Voters ID Card etc. The names on all these do hold a significant role and sometimes, there could be some errors that may have happened accidentally.

In other cases, mostly in women, after marriage, surname changes, and one may find it necessary to make a name change in their driving license. Here are a few steps that need to be followed in order to change name successfully in a driving license.

2. The process is not as tedious as it may sound or you may feel. The steps have been simplified, so that the customer does not face much hassle and the procedures are almost same in all countries. Some of the important points to be remembered while moving for the application include:

3. It is always better to go in person while moving an application to have a name change. Gather all the necessary documents which could include current license, legal notifications like a Gazette Notification, which proves that your name has changed. For more clarity, you could also contact a driving school for assistance on what are the required documentations for a name change in a driving license.

4. While applying for a name change, provide legal reasons as to why you are opting for a name change and the specific reasons related to it. For eg: if you are married, provide your marriage certificate and other documents related to it, or if you would like to keep your surname after once changed, provide documents like birth certificate etc for legal formalities.

5. Make sure that the documents that you provided are in the language that could be understood by the officials. In case a translation is required, you should go for it and make it simplified for the officials to understand the documents and reasoning for name change.

6. Once all these have been adhered, then follow up with the documents. The documents that are required include:

  1. Form L.L.D
  2. Form 1 – Which specifies details and mandatory information’s.
  3. Marriage Certificate – In case of married people, especially ladies.
  4. ID Proof – Proof like PAN card, Voter ID or Passport
  5. Address proof – Voter ID or Passport
  6. Original Driving License
  7. Copy of the existing Driving license.
  8. And processing fee, which may change from time to time.

Once all these are collected then you would have to visit the RTO where the processing takes place. The earlier the better. Process followed there includes:

7. Approval from an Officer designated for approving such applications

8. Then visit the Data Entry section for information’s to be collected.

9. Pay the fee at the Fee Collection Center.

11. Biometric Photographs, signature and finger prints are taken.

11. Re-checking of details entered for error free issuance of license.

12. Receipt issued which could be used as temporary driving license.

13. The original would be dispatched via courier to address provided.

When all these are all followed systematically, then you would receive your new original driving license within a period of 10 days at the max and you could then be trouble free from the thoughts of having to change the name.

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