What are the documents needed for changing PAN Card name? – Answered

Some people think that name changing process in your PAN card is very complicated. Yes it is complicated, if you don’t know how to change and what are the documents that you are supposed to submit. Documentation is a vital part of the entire process. Whether you do it online or take the help of any agency you have to be ready with the documents. The objective of this article is to provide you the knowledge of the documents that you need to submit while changing your name in PAN card.

Documents Needed

1) Affidavit

The first thing you need is an affidavit regarding your name change. Go to the local lawyer or notary and an affidavit done. Make a few photocopies of it and keep the original separately. You can also scan the original and save it in your computer or in any other storage device.

2) Newspaper statement

You have to give a statement in the local paper stating that you are changing your name. This published statement is required later. It is advisable to keep at least 8 to 10 copies of the statement.

3) Deed Changing Surname Form

Take 2/3 copies of “Deed Changing Surname Form” from the local gazette office and fill up very carefully.

Now you need to go through a series of verification and for that following documents are required:-

a) Letter to the secretary of Department of Transport and Commerce- It is mandatory to write a letter to the secretary of Transport and Commerce to grant the permission for your name change.

b) Deed Changing Surname Form

c) A print out of the statement for your official gazette that you want to be published.

d) An attested copy of the affidavit is a must.

e) At least 2 copies of the newspaper in which your name change statement is published.

f) Copies of your Passport (if you have), voter Id, Birth certificate etc which shows your present identity.

Send all the above documents to the Secretary, Transport Department (of your State) and wait for the reply. As soon as you get the reply make a photocopy of the reply letter and go to the local gazette office and show them the reply later and pay the publication fee.(don’t forget to the money receipt). Finally you are officially done with the whole process from your side. Thereafter they will publish your name change statement in the local gazette and you are a new person!

Once you have the above documents, you can submit them with the requisite fees to the income tax department to modify the name in your PAN card.

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