How to Change Your Name After Divorce? – Answered

Do you want to change your name and start a new life? Well, this article will help you to do so.

Divorce can be unsettling and unnerving that some people who are troubled and greatly affected by the whole ordeal choose to change their names. Changing once name after a divorce can help you to start a new life. You can either take back your maiden name or you can opt to change your whole name and get a new identity.

Though the process of changing one’s name after a divorce differs depending on the country you’re residing in, it is not complicated. As long as you have the necessary documents and you are well oriented with the process you won’t come to any problem or glitch.

If you want to change your name completely after your divorce, here are the steps and methods of the procedure.

1. One of the first things to consider is familiarize yourself with the whole process of changing one’s name. You can inquire in government agencies or conduct simple researches on their database and official websites. Familiarizing yourself with the procedure and the necessary documents will help you lessen the anxiety and the length of the process.

2. Once you have the information and documents needed in the process, file a request for changing your name and provide legal reasons why you want to change your name. This is necessary since, changing your name is evaluated before it can be approved by the court. If you are having difficulty with the process you can ask for help from your lawyer.

3. You must acquire a legal decree stating that you have changed your name after the divorce. This is also needed in changing your information in personal identification records.

4. Pay the required fees.

5. Once you have changed your name legally, apply this change in your personal records and accounts such as credit cards, passports, bank accounts, driver’s license. You should also inform the health services, insurance companies and your company or employer about the change in your name. Just comply with the proceedings and renewal processes.

6. After all the procedures have been completed and the necessary changes are applied to your personal information, it is best to tell your friends and family about the changes you made. This way, you are making it official that you are starting a new life and giving yourself a second chance at living.

Remember that changing one’s name is not a complicated process. You can also opt to change your name while you are settling your divorce papers or after the divorce has been finalized. The choice is up to you. Just remember all the important steps and procedures of the process and you won’t have a encounter any problem.

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