How to Change a Name After a Separation in US? (7 easy steps)

Most women, after separation would want to change their names from that of their ex-partner, the laws of the many countries allow citizens to change their names after separation. The different states of the US have different requirements concerning a change of name, some would accept the Absolute Decree document as sufficient reason for change of name, others would require a Deed Poll.


Steps 1

The first step when considering changing your name after separation is to decide on what name you want to adopt. Legally you can revert to your maiden name, or if married before to one of the names of your ex-partners or you can choose a name for yourself different from these.

After deciding in the case of a new name, follow up with a research on the name: make sure it fits within the laws concerning names in your state, generally that it is not offensive or controversial to any group in the state.

Step 2

In some countries provided there is a Decree Absolute document issued by the court on the marriage a divorcee can revert to her maiden name. But changing to a new name would require a Court Order. You should contact the clerk of courts in your locality and ask for your state’s laws regarding changing your name from that of your ex-partner to a new one. You will most likely be required to buy a form, which you can get from the clerk of courts office or you can download online.

Step 3

Fill the form according to the specifications and submit to the clerk of courts. You would be requested in the form to indicate the reason for the desired change of name, you should clearly state -separation from spouse. You would be required to pay an application fee to the clerk of courts, depending on the clarity of your case the judge may summon you to court for questioning to ensure that you are not changing your name for fraudulent reasons or to escape some from the law, you may also get your Change of Name petition approved without being summoned.

Step 4

You should publish a Notice of Change of Name in your local newspaper and keep a copy of the advertisement; you may need it in the future.

Step 5

If you are not summoned by the court you should receive a Court Order granting the change of your name. If however you are summoned to the court for questioning, the judge will decide after the hearing if you Petition should be granted or otherwise, if it is granted you would then receive the Court Order granting the Change of your name.

Step 6

When your change of name has been granted, you should create a list of all government and private agencies whom you had dealings with and whom you may still have dealings with. It must be complete, as you risk losing the service of the agency if your record with them is not renewed or updated. Such as Social Security, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority, the Postal Service, and others.

Step 7

With your list get the contact for each of these organizations through the internet, phone book directory or through some paper work you may have from them that may have their address.

Write to each of them with a copy of the Court Order granting the change of your name, a copy of their past record with you and request an update or renewal of your record with them, (different organizations have different documents they request their customers to bring when registering a change of name, some would update your record whilst others would request a renewal of the service under the new identity. Be sure to check each organization on your list and know what their policy concerning this is.

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