What are the forms available for changing your name in India?

You might be in a situation where you have to change your name. Though the process is not hard but is time taking. You should also know that there are various norms associated with changing your name and they differ from country to country.

There are formalities which must be completed and it must be done as per the laid norms and legalities. If you are an immigrant and even if you want to change your name in your domicile country, it is but natural that you will not be aware of the legalities involved in the process.

The best way to go about this is to gather information regarding the process and issues involved. You can take help from the internet and check the sites offering information regarding the same. One of the most sought after methods is to visit a legal counselor and take his help and advice regarding the process.

You should note, that by the time you decide to change your name, there may be various government identifications already issued in your original name. All of these need to be amended; you will need to submit your name change approval to your bank accounts and other related offices, including your passport and other related documentation.

Normally the process starts with you submitting a request for changing your name, by using a form that is used for the purpose. Different countries have different forms and legalities. We will talk about the forms that are required to change your name, if you want to get it done in India.

You may be in a fix because you don’t know where to get the form from and what are the documents that you are required to submit.


1. Affidavit form

This is the first and foremost form that you need to fill up. It is nothing but a standard form that is available with your local notary. While filling it up mention the reason for changing your name. By filling up this form and getting it notarized will be your first step in the long process, to get your name changed. Once this is completed, you will now need to proceed with the other legalities involved.

2. Gazette Notification

After making your affidavit regarding name change, you have to make a newspaper publication regarding the same and then you have to publish a notice regarding change of your name in the Official Gazette of your state. This notice will act as your name change certificate and later on with the help of the copies of the Gazette notification you want to make necessary changes on your other identities like on your PAN Card, Voter Identity Card, School and College Certificates and etc.

3. Application form

Go to the website “Indolegal.com” and fill up the form or you can download the form and take a print out of it. In case you want to change your name in PAN card then visit the website https://tin.tin.nsdl.com/pan/index.html and make the changes as per your requirement. Those who are not aware of the web sites can also get the application form from the court.

You should definitely seek legal help in the process so that you do not miss out any legality. The process of changing your name will become seamless and trouble free. The above two forms are the most basic and mandatory forms that you are supposed to collect. Apart from these you can get free name change forms from the websites.

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