Sample reply letter to the Government for change of name

Today, I got a letter from the Under Secretary to Government, Department of Commerce & Transport (Commerce), in reply to my letter, and they have asked me to submit some additional documents for verification. Here is the reply letter I wrote to them, and attached the required documents for speedy verification, so that they will issue me the order for publication of the Notice, regarding the change of my name in the Official Gazette.

The Under Secretary to Govt.
Department of Commerce & Transport (Commerce)
____________________ (State Name)

Sub (Publication of Notice in Odisha Gazette)


With reference to your letter no. Pub, – 34/312.44284/Com., _______________ (Place), dated: 22/05/12, I am hereby, submitting the copy of earlier attested affidavit and a copy of the __________ () Gazette.

Required documents are attached herewith for ready reference:

1. An attested copy of the earlier affidavit dated _______________.

2. A copy of the __________  (State Name) Gazette.

You’re faithfully,



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