How many days generally it takes to change name legally in India?

Answer: Generally it takes around 30 days to completely change your legal name in India.

Dear Sir,

I am from India and I am going to start my own company. From numerological point of view my numerologist has suggested me get a new name and I want to change my name immediately. I have read your article How to change your name legally in India? (3 easy steps).

Could you please tell me, generally how many days it will take to change my name?

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Good question! Rohit, this is India, here things can happen at the speed of light or may move at the speed of a tortoise. Everything depends on you. How urgent is your requirement and what amount of time you are going to spend for getting your name changed. I have seen people with good social contacts; have changed their name within weeks, means within a week you can get your statement published in the official Gazette of your state.

Generally, changing your name takes involves three steps (1) Affidavit (2) Newspaper Publication (3) Gazette Notification.

Affidavit – 1 days

Newspaper Publication – 1 days

Letter to Govt. for Gazette Notification: 2 weeks

Publication in the official Gazette – 1 week after getting the order from the Government.

So overall, it may take a month (more or less) for you to change your name legally in India.

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  1. Reshma September 5, 2013 at 1:47 pm #

    Dear Sir,

    Am from India i want to change my name for my marriage purpose but i don’t want to publish my new name before marriage but your “Publication in the official Gazette” will publish my name wright?

    Please suggest me on this …

    Thank you

  2. najeeb April 22, 2015 at 3:16 pm #


    I am working in dubai. I’ve some question.

    1. is it necessary the presence of the person who are going to change the name in his/her
    home country?
    2. what about the certificates, do i have to change the updated name in certificates as well,
    if i have to then how it will be done ?
    3. passport , how i update ma new name in my passport and how long it takes to get affect?

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