8 easy steps to help you to completely change your identity

Do you want to completely change your identity, and get a new one? Well, follow the below given steps.

Some unexpected things happen in our lives that may compromise a person’s well-being. This can push people to change their identities to run away from a bad past and start a new life someplace else. But changing one’s identity does not happen overnight. Furthermore, you can’t completely change your identity unless the government aids you in this aspect. Because of the modern technology, one can cross-reference your old identity to the new one.


1. Provide legal reasons and obey government-issued laws and procedures

If you have decided for changing and acquiring a new identity, it is advisable that you follow legal procedures. You wouldn’t want to start a new life with illegal papers and an identity acquired in the same manner. You can approach government agencies who entertain the issues regarding changing identities.

Make sure that you provide legal reasons so they will grant you permission and assist you in acquiring a new identity. The government usually provides this service for victims of abuse and protected witnesses. You must also provide two references of good character from unrelated people. This will help to provide assurance that you are changing your identity for legal reasons and to protect your well-being.

2. Change important information about yourself

Now that you have the approval and legal aid to change your identity, it is time to choose a name. It is advisable that you choose a name of different descent or nationality, something that is the exact opposite of who you are at present. Moreover, remember that the legal procedures of changing your name require you to fill out important forms. Once submitted together with the necessary documents, the court will review your request and grant you permission.

It is also important to find a new address. Move away from friends, relatives and people who recognize you. This will help you start a new life without worrying about the chances of people recognizing you and creating problems in the future.

3. Apply for new documents

Now that you have a new name, it is important that you provide legal documents to accompany your new identity. This will also help you get a new occupation and avoid suspicion. Consider changing your Social Security Number. Acquiring a new one takes time, so you can choose if you want to acquire one legally, then you must follow government protocols. Choose the latter, this way you won’t get into trouble in the future. Changing your Social Security Number through government procedures require you to apply personally. Your application will be reviewed and cross-checked with other authorities to be approved. Once approved you will be assigned a new Social Security Number.

You must also acquire new ID’s, forms and legal papers. Some of the new sets of documents you must have are birth certificates, new bank and credit card accounts, driver’s license and even educational records to help you establish a new identity.

4. Create a new character profile

Now that you have a new name, address, occupation and important documents, it is also important to have a new profile. You can learn new things to complement your new identity. Change your interests and routines. Learn a new language, especially if you decided to live abroad. Develop a taste for different things and avoid associating yourself with your previous identity. You must separate yourself from your previous identity to avoid the chances of being recognized by others.

You can opt to change your appearance. Have a new hairstyle, adapt a different fashion sense and you try changing body language and behaviour.

5. Sever ties

It is also important to sever ties with relatives and friends. This may seem over-the-top but if you are really decided to change your identity this will help you disappear completely. Remember to cancel subscriptions, close E-mail accounts and create new ones. Have your phone number changed, close bank and credit card accounts.

6. Practice living with your new identity

Having changed your identity you must ensure that you are able to introduce yourself with your new name and information. Avoid mistakes by using your old names and learn to familiarize yourself with singing new documents and filling up forms with your new data.

7. Be prepared

Once settled with a new identity, you must be prepared to start from scratch. Since it is most likely that you have no occupational backgrounds, personal references and no record of special trainings and other related information, some people may get suspicious if they find no history or record. The best way to cope with this is to be confident and act normal to make your stories and reasons more believable.

8. Keep a low profile

Avoid getting yourself in trouble. You must remember that your old identity is not completely erased as some agencies will still have records of you. If you get arrested, chances are these old documents and information will come out of the public and it may cause you more trouble and problems in the future.

You must be careful with how you interact with other people to avoid raising suspicion and avoid having people snooping about your personal information. If situations like these arise, prepare yourself for confrontations and other problems.

Best of luck for your new identity.

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